Raising Bilinguals emerged from a profound desire to revolutionise the support landscape for families of deaf and hard of hearing children.

Meet the Founder, Clare Best

Clare Best lives in Queensland, Australia, where she blends her roles as a mother of two beautiful boys and a devoted Teacher of the Deaf. Her journey into the world of deaf education began unexpectedly over 15 years ago and quickly evolved from a professional pursuit into a personal passion when her youngest son was identified as deaf. This pivotal moment deepened Clare’s resolve to blend her professional expertise with her personal insights, driving her to advocate passionately for the empowerment of deaf and hard of hearing children. Clare’s approach is deeply empathetic, backed by robust knowledge and a genuine understanding of the joys and challenges faced by families navigating this path. Through her personal stories and professional guidance, Clare inspires and uplifts families, demonstrating that with the right support, deaf children can thrive beyond all expectations.

Work with Clare