Every deaf and hard of hearing child deserves the best start in life.
We're here to help make that happen.

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Learn my proven and evidence-based framework that gives parents of deaf and hard of hearing children the confidence to build a bilingual-rich environment with ease!


Raising Bilinguals provides services and programs to support the rich, bimodal bilingual development of deaf and hard of hearing children in the early years.

  • Coaching and Advocacy Support

    Practical and effective tools and tips to support parents on their journey and help them advocate for their deaf and hard of hearing child. 

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  • Group Training

    Tailored and individualised training packages to support large groups, organisations, families and community groups.

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  • Collaborations & Partnerships

    We partner with organisations globally to deliver presentations, workshops, events and family centred support sessions.

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Past and Current Partnerships

About Raising Bilinguals

This initiative advocates for a vibrant, bilingual upbringing, emphasising that every deaf child has the potential to lead a rich, communicative life across both deaf and hearing worlds. We are dedicated to providing parents with empowering resources, insightful guidance, and steadfast support, urging families to integrate both signed and spoken languages into their daily lives. At the core of our mission is a commitment to cultivate inclusive communities, challenge outdated perceptions, and advocate for systemic changes that acknowledge and amplify the capabilities of deaf children. Join us in creating a hopeful, inclusive future where each child's unique abilities are recognized and celebrated.

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