Whether you're seeking an intimate workshop for families or an empowering presentation to shake up your workplace. I've got you covered!

Clare Best is renowned for her engaging and insightful presentations that transform perceptions of deafness and bilingual education. With a profound personal and professional background in the field, Clare is driven by her vision to enlighten and empower individuals and organisations about the capabilities and needs of the deaf and hard of hearing community. Her keynote speeches weave together personal narratives with expert knowledge, aimed at fostering a deep sense of connection and understanding. Clare is committed to delivering clear, actionable insights that encourage inclusive practices and enhance communication within diverse environments. She specialises in translating complex educational theories into practical, accessible strategies that audiences can immediately implement. By collaborating closely with event organisers, Clare ensures that her presentations align perfectly with the goals of the event and resonate deeply with attendees, sparking lasting change and promoting a more inclusive society.

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  • 🌟 Parent & Carer Workshops

    I offer interactive & empowering workshops tailored exclusively for those raising deaf and hard of hearing children. Whether the topic is advocacy, navigating intervention, making informed decisions or building a bilingual rich home (or all of the above!) - I aim to empower and build confidence so that each attendee feels ready to take control of the journey!

  • 🎤 Public Speaking Events

    As a mother raising a deaf child and a dedicated Teacher of the Deaf, I share my personal story and expertise through inspiring public speaking engagements. I aim to motivate, educate and inspire change as I delve into the challenges, triumphs, and the power of inclusion in the deaf and hard of hearing space.

  • 🏢 Corporate Presentations

    Does your workplace engage with or support young deaf and hard of hearing children? I am here to help! I deliver professional development seminars & training to educational and allied health businesses. I aim to better equip teams with the knowledge, confidence and skills needed to support deaf and hard of hearing children and ensure better long-term outcomes!