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What is the Raising Bilinguals Bootcamp?

The Raising Bilinguals Bootcamp is an online program - consisting of 12 comprehensive modules designed to build knowledge, confidence and a truly practical ‘toolkit’ for parents and carers, raising young deaf and hard of hearing children (0 – 6 years) via the bimodal bilingual or signed bilingual approach I.e. with both spoken and signed languages.


The program is designed to guide, educate and support families to:

  • Build their own bilingual ‘script’ and ‘toolkit’ of
    high-yield strategies that can be used anywhere, anytime.

  • Transform their mindset around their role in the
    language journey with their child (including breaking down ‘language blocks’
    around learning a signed language!)

  • Become the ‘expert’ in their child’s language and communication
    journey and get back in the driver’s seat!

  • Connect parents and carers with a whole community
    of like-minded learners via an exclusive community hub and every month online via
    monthly Zoom catchups!

  • Gather a ‘life-time supply’ of knowledge and skills
    to sustain deaf and hard of hearing children through the peaks and troughs of
    the journey!

What will I gain by joining the Raising Bilinguals Bootcamp?

In a nutshell?

By the end of the Raising Bilinguals Bootcamp - you will have transformed into the confident, empowered & knowledgeable bilingual-expert you always knew you could be!

But, if you're looking for details - we've got you covered!

By joining the Raising Bilinguals Bootcamp, you will receive:

  • 12-comprehensive learning modules with a rich curriculum that covers every aspect of the bimodal bilingual journey!
  • 60+ hours of interactive learning and activities facilitated by a Teacher of the Deaf
  • 40+ downloadable resources to keep!
  • Exclusive access to our Raising Bilinguals Community Hub
  • Live monthly catch ups with a Teacher of the Deaf (and other learners on the journey)
  • 6 months access to all the content, resources and information within the bootcamp
  • A jam-packed 'bilingual toolkit' filled with strategies, tools and knowledge to support you long after the bootcamp is done!
  • First access to The Raising Bilinguals Journal (for parents and carers on the journey)

How long will it take to complete the Raising Bilinguals Bootcamp?

This is the best part! When you purchase the Raising Bilinguals Bootcamp, you will have 6 months from the time of purchase to complete the 12 modules.

There is an estimated value of over 60 hours of interactive learning included within the bootcamp. This is inclusive of the high-quality content in the 12 learning modules, as well as the activities outlined in your downloadable workbook and the 40+ useable resources you will receive throughout the bootcamp.

Also, to ensure flexibility for any busy schedule (because let’s be honest, kids make everything busy!) each module will be drip-fed, giving you a week to complete each one, before the next one is made available.

6 months of access will enable parents and carers more than enough time to get the most out of the program (and community).

My child is over the age of six, but is still operating within the early years phase in regards to language and communication development. Will the Raising Bilinguals Bootcamp suit our situation?

Yes absolutely. The RB Bootcamp is jam packed with strategies, tutorials and evidence-based tips to support young deaf and hard of hearing children who are still building those initial language foundations.

The 0 - 6 guideline is just that - a guideline! As the majority of children develop a first language within this age range and the content within is targeted at that early intervention phase.


My child has autism. They are non-speaking and use a signed language exclusively. Will the Raising Bilinguals Bootcamp be suitable to support them?

At this stage, the strategies and content within the RB Bootcamp are specifically tailored to parents raising deaf and hard of hearing children. The teachings centralise around deafness and "hearing loss", which can be a very different experience to that of non-speaking children and those with autism.

Over time, Raising Bilinguals may look to broaden its offering to support children who are non-speaking and children with autism, however at this point in time the RB Bootcamp focuses on deaf and hard of hearing development.

We don't live in Australia and use a different signed language to Auslan (I.e. BSL, ASL, NZSL). Will the Raising Bilinguals Bootcamp be accessible to us?

Yes absolutely! The RB Bootcamp is not Auslan-specific and has been designed to support families worldwide who are raising young deaf and hard of hearing children using the bimodal bilingual approach.

However, it is worth noting, that disability funding schemes and the policies / laws that guide them, are country dependent and therefore may differ outside Australia.

NOTE: Some of the filmed content will feature Auslan (as this is the signed language used in Australia) however, there will be no teaching of the language nor will knowledge of Auslan be required to access the course content.

Is the Raising Bilinguals Bootcamp relevant to deaf parents raising deaf and hard of hearing children? Are there captions and/or interpreters available?

The RB Bootcamp has been created by Clare Best; a hearing parent raising a deaf child. Hence, the content and information within the bootcamp is targeted at that particular demographic and journey.

The deaf-raising-deaf journey is an incredibly unique lived experience and sits outside Clare’s scope of understanding, as a hearing person.

Accessibility: All videos, tutorials and content will be captioned, and a transcript can be provided for those attending the live monthly catch ups.

I am not a parent of a deaf or hard of hearing child, but I am interested in attending the Raising Bilinguals Bootcamp. Can I still attend?

Not at this stage. The Raising Bilinguals Bootcamp is exclusively for parents raising deaf and hard of hearing children.

The content and curriculum has been uniquely designed to support and empower those living the parent experience and will be a safe space for conversations around that experience to occur.

If I live in Australia, can I pay for this course using my child’s NDIS funding. If so, how?

Absolutely! The NDIS approves training and education packages for participants and their families via qualified therapists and professionals. For all self and plan-managed participants, after investing in the Raising Bilinguals Bootcamp, you will receive an invoice to your email that can be used for NDIS claiming purposes.

*If you require a quote to seek prior approval from your plan manager - please email us at

NOTE: Please ensure the funding is withdrawn from your child’s Capacity Building total (not Core/Consumables).

NOTE: NDIA-managed participants are unable to use their plan to purchase this program.

What if I pay for the Raising Bilinguals Bootcamp, but then my plan management agency declines the payment?

This would be very unlikely, given the program is delivered by a Teacher of the Deaf and Bachelor-qualified Teacher. However, if you are worried about this, we recommend seeking prior approval from your plan manager before purchasing, as refunds cannot be given in this circumstance.

I don’t have the budget for this right now. What are my options?

The great thing about the Raising Bilinguals Bootcamp is that there are two intake periods within the year. So, if you aren’t able to join this round, there will be another opportunity later down the track to invest and join our wonderful community of learners.

NOTE: As the demand for the bootcamp grows, there may be a need to increase fees and change the course structure depending on numbers and interest.

How often are the live (Zoom) catch-ups and how do they work?

During your Raising Bilinguals Bootcamp journey, you will have access to monthly live catch-ups (via Zoom) led by Clare Best and including other incredible families who are also working through the RB Bootcamp. This will be a unique opportunity to ask questions, share anecdotes, reflect on your learning, and just have a good old chat with other parents/carers who align with your own journey.

Times will vary, depending on participant base and where they are located.

All information, including dates and times for these live sessions, will be communicated in our exclusive community hub prior to commencing the first module.

What makes the Raising Bilinguals Bootcamp better than other courses out there?

The Raising Bilinguals Bootcamp is the first course of its kind! The RB Bootcamp is an evidence-based program specifically designed for parents and carers of deaf and hard of hearing children in the early intervention phase of development.

The RB Bootcamp curriculum has been specifically designed by Clare Best - a qualified teacher, a Teacher of the Deaf (with over 13 years of experience in bilingual education) and a mother on the journey of raising her own deaf child. 

The RB Bootcamp is paving the way for a new wave of bimodal bilingual families, with a the course creator that understands first-hand the journey that parents and carers experience as they move through this program – because she’s living and breathing it herself every single day.

What's it like inside the Raising Bilinguals Bootcamp course?

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