Sign Language Is For ALL Deaf Kids: Let Me Tell You Why

Sign Language Is For ALL Deaf Kids: Let Me Tell You Why

Signed languages are for ALL DHH kids 🤟🏼❤️

There seems to be quite a common belief that unless a child has a profound hearing loss and doesn't wear devices, there is no need to include a signed language in their communication plan 🤔

This is absolutely false.

ALL deaf and hard of hearing children can benefit from the inclusion of a signed language in their lives - regardless of their hearing levels, configuration of loss, device use, onset of loss or whether they're unilateral or bilateral 👂


Because regardless of their unique situation, they may still be missing critical elements of speech and conversational language, incidental learning and social and emotional development cues - i.e. rich, accessible language!

And look, that's not to say that the way each child receives, utilises and applies that language will be the same. But that's the beauty of it!

Some will connect instantly and absorb it all.
Some may only use it in certain settings.
Some may just need it for receptive purposes to fully understand their world in a richer way.

However they choose to use it, is exactly that - THEIR CHOICE ❤️

But if we provide them with an accessible way to build their understanding and connect more deeply to the world around them... that can only be a positive right?!

That's the way I see it anyway 🤪🤟🏼
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